College Redux/My Weekend

Come On! How cute is this Chaise?! I am so proud of the way it came out. It was an awful "mature-woman" (not "little old lady") pink and faded but had great bones, all feather cushions. From the thrift store. I helped the Pooh pick out the fabrics from a fab discount fabric store in NY and determined the application.
Showing herself off again. Love the box pleats that do not go to the floor. She's got on a short sexy skirt! (yes, I do speak to furniture)
Anyways The Pooh went off to college again last fall, is sharing a house and has her very OWN big bedroom, an unbelievable luxery for a college student. Of course she had to move her stuff in "RIGHT AWAY THIS WEEKEND MOM!" as she said on a THURSDAY. Her previously painted bookcases and desk were completely trashed from the first two years of college and desperately needed a redo.  

The chaise was the color inspiration.
Desk Finished (no before pic,  just picture an old white leather glove in the middle of the street)
 We are talking about priming, 2 coats of paint, stenciling and 2 coats of poly in THREE days on THREE pieces! 
I do not have a studio/work room so everything gets done right in the kitchen/living room/dining area in the winter. What difference does it make to have a creative mess for a few days. I love the way that slim, inexpensive rolling cart from CS fits under the desk. Note: desk drawer is gone. I was told it "broke" when desk was being moved. (probably during some party...)
 A touch of silver leaf on the applique. You got to not worry about leafing. Slap on some water based size (glue), let it tac up, slap on a piece of leaf and brush it off.
2 Bookcases finished (no before pic, picture beat up bookcase at thrift store you would never buy)
 Here's a trick I use often. See the brown edges? That is "iron-on" bias tape from Joannes.  I did not have time to put on new wood trim to conceal the gouged out front edges.  And they needed a decent "edge" for the front view. So I glued on the tape/trim with Arlene's fabric glue. I use the "iron-on" rather then the regular b/c it is thicker and the glue does not show thru. I sometimes use grosgrain ribbon. The bias tape is very cheap.
See, the front edges look fairly straight

 Yup, there were two of these bookcases and yup, it gets boring to do the same thing twice

The Pooh loved reptiles (probably still does) when she was little and I had these stencils left over. I had to use whatever was in the stencil drawer.

The Three day Mess
I really do not mind the mess for a bit. It is a manifestation of attempted creativity

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  1. Awesome! I just found your blog from a before/after post of your bedroom on curbly. I'm so glad I did! 2 Reasons.

    1. I have been trying to get up the nerve to stencil a wall in my bedroom and dining room.

    2. Because I have an 18 year old in college. She's actually my sister, but she's mine emotionally and financially. She needs a bookcase and dresser and she and I both LOVE thrifting and sprucing things up. I never thought to stencil a bookcase! But now I can't stop thinking about it.

    So thanks for posting. I cannot wait to read more. Thanks for the inspiration!