The Bed and Inspiration

Ah, the bed. The place you dream to be back in the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning. Without question the bed, given its size, is the focal point of a bedroom. You gotta have a headboard. Cause they are just plain fun to make and add excitment, glamour and fun to the place you want to be. You can paint one on the wall, cut out wallpaper, stencil one, hang/starch/staple on fabric or build one by cutting out some ply or MDF. Draw out design, cut with jigsaw, add batting and fabric or paint it. Then trim out with painted trim, ribbon, nail heads or cording. The possibilities are endless and prices start by just buying a sample jar of paint. So just do it! The shape of the headboard above is very unique and unexpected and could easily work for an adult bed. And hey, you can even paint that shape on the wall, it doesn't have to be complicated and perfect. ( If you know the source please let me know)

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