Not Perfect.....

These may have been all over blog land and if so I missed this. I love, what is usually a small thing, made BIG and this is a HUGE Pink rose..

just part of 38 installations of roses (up to 25 feet high!) right down the center of Park Avenue! Is that so cool? (and not just cause it is winter). This kind of temporary and unexpected installation is my absolute favorite thing. How bold, magical, surprising and fabulous and thank god we have cities that welcome this type of art! ahh I heart NY.

 and there are bugs too...

These brilliant masterpieces are the work of Will Ryman.....

via the NYT: in their exaggerated scale “The Roses,” which are fiberglass and stainless steel, evokes the Pop sculptures of Claes Oldenburg....

 Their surfaces, which are individually painted, (are you kidding? no spray paint in a booth?! Yippee) tend to be bumpy and irregular and underscore Mr. Ryman’s reaction against the slicker works of artists like Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.....

“For me, unless the hand is present, humanity is absent from the piece,” Ryman said.....

THAT is my favorite part of this whole thing: "unless the hand is present, humanity is absent". 

irregular and bumpy, the hand, not perfect, humanity.  I have found that so many, including myself, do not start something because they are scared it won't be perfect.  It may be a simple project, painting a wall, writing a novel, whatever. I don't make changes in my life I know I need to because I am scared it won't be what I want it to be...perfect.  Yet irregular and bumpy are so beautiful and such a joy. That is my motto for the week. What is yours? Have you seen the Roses?
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  1. what an absolutely beautiful and dare I say perfect image to realize this thought of beauty in imperfection. thanks for sharing the gorgeous.

  2. Super original Sculptures! Great Post Cat! Huge huge hug! Xo

  3. Julie Lynch said: I was in NYC last weekend and it was incredibly windy and butt cold -- I mean, just felt like the absolute dead of winter, with no hope in sight. And then you go up that little rise on the last block before Park Ave, and there suddenly are these huge roses. With bugs. So awesome.

  4. Hey girls, Thanks for coming by and I so wish I could see the Roses live! I would wander forever, ducting into the Waldorf for martinis!

  5. I had missed them too. They look totally wonderful. I do hope that with all the spending cuts and crap economy things like this will still be around to brighten our day.