Where have you been today?...

One of the most breathless views in the world
I felt like wandering this morning. I wanted to go to the Louvre.  It has been way too long since I have been, spending hours and hours starring at and studying even the minute detail of great works. I wish they would just let me stay the night. You see I was an Art History major and this stuff....

David, Psyche Abandoned
just kills me. And I don't just stand back 10 feet, I get right up there, immersed in the brush strokes, the color, the composition, the story.  I'll get 12 inches from a painting which drives the guards crazy. I have taken hundreds of photos of paintings and sculpture and their details. I cannot explain it other then to say I am in my essence. I am out of my body floating in a different age. I am honored and grateful and humbled and in awe. I get the vapors.

Cour Marly, flooded with natural light
I never really paid much attention to sculpture until the first time I went to the Louvre. Then I could not stay away from it. 360 degrees of gorgeous marble  and the detail will make you gasp. The Louvre is so big and today I wanted to visit a bit of sculpture. So come along...

one of the horses at Cour Marly

Cupid playing with a butterfly
Be still my heart (wouldn't this be gorgeous blown up, art for your wall)
she takes my breath away (photo by moi)
they make me weep

Remember that you can virtually visit museums all over the world. I have a some international readers: Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, Japan, Germany, India, UK, France, Australia, Pakistan, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Mexico. This is so exciting! Please let me know, dear readers, what museums or galleries or exhibits you have visited or want to visit. And you may be wondering what this has to do with decor and design. It trains your eye. The shape, the detail, the composition can be applied to anything. Not to mention the beauty.


  1. Loved this images, particularly Cupid and the Angel. I miss Paris too...:( Xo

  2. There was a wonderful Omni movie a while while back, Chronos, which took time lapse photography of beautiful and incredible spots around the world. I always had my breath taken away by the zoom in on a statue with two figures clasping hands--to see the hands together, and then see the skin's slight puffing out on one hand from the pressure of the fingers from the other hand... in marble. It's almost disorienting to see that moment of softness cast permanently in stone.

  3. Thanks for coming be Kate and Macarena. I would love to see that movie. I agree, it is disorienting. Miss Paris so much.

  4. a totally topical article in today's Globe:

  5. Bonne idée la visite des musées, le Louvre est très grand pas possible de le visiter en une seule fois, il y a Orsay qui me plait (oeuvre du 19è siècle) j'aime aussi visiter les maisons où ont vécu les artistes, il reste leur empreinte. Il y en a beaucoup autour de Paris.