Take Me Away...

    This entire post was lifted from Familles Summerbelle , a blog I just discovered via someone else on pinterest  (which will just drive you nuts and do not go there unless you have 3 days to spare).  This post thrills me to no end and another reason to pack it up and get the heck to France ASAP.  More on Summerbelle after the post:

Le Diner en blanc

It's been a ritual in Paris over the past 20 years or so, thousands of people all dressed in their best white outfit arrive at the same time to have a posh picnic in a prestigious Parisian location.
You only get invited by friends and the location remains a secret until the last minute (you get told once you are on the coach on the way). This year we were a total of 12000 people: 6000 in the Cour Carrée du Louvre (where we were) and 6000 in front of Notre Dame.
Deb music
Live band music...
Deb Nature morte
Champagne, foie gras, fresh fruits...all you need for a posh picnic.
Deb wings hat
My sister was dressed as an Angel. My mum made a fairy light hat!
Deb Louvre
The Louvre beautifully lit for the evening.
Deb night lights
The diner ends with thousands of sparklers. It was very magical.

    The White Dinner is allegedly coming to NY and Montreal. SF would be so perfect for this. In fact every city in the world could benefit from such a joyous occasion that celebrates nothing other then sharing food and drink with not just friends and family but thousands while dressed in white.
    Julie of Summerbelle is a very talented French designer and, amongst other things, creates  paper cut art (which I think is genius) including these fabulous map prints of Paris and New York ($60.00!) :

    She also has a London map and SF is coming soon. She has many other wonderful items from her paper cuts  HERE so go there NOW and enjoy her blog and store. 
    PS: Here is what came over the weekend, from Jenn and Max (my nephew who lives in NY!!). Welcome Isabelle, my great niece. Gotta GO SEE HER!:


  1. Mon fils à participer a un pique nique blanc à Paris, comme ce n'est pas autorisé par la police vous êtes prévenue qu'au dernier moment. C'est très élégant et joyeux. Je me promène sur les blogs décorations nord américain avec beaucoup de plaisir. Je suis française et je vie en région parisienne.

  2. Thank you for telling me about this blog Catherine. They have just made it to the Telegraph top twenty blogs too! Hope all is good with you.