Porcelain Crush.....

I have a total crush on porcelain.  Maybe it is its delicacy, the exquisite painting, the magnificent colors. While everyone scoffs at going to the porcelain room in a museum, I can spend hours looking at the minute detailing and design of the pieces. So much beauty in such a small thing. I find it very inspiring. I have done entire room colors based on a small piece of china. But nothing I have ever seen compares to Kate McBride. Her one-off pieces have been in galleries and museums. She uses old and new materials and has a very modern take on an very long and storied industry. So without further ado, here are some fabulous pieces by artist Kate McBride. Make sure you look at the details:

Be still my heart!

who needs cake

Coffee or tea?

Roses and roses and roses

22kt gold

Oh Darling...

Contemporary pink Sevres porcelain?

Ms. McBride with her work
My Favorite
 Kate McBride:  "Kate's work is a collage of clay and ideas, composed of both borrowed and original material and reflecting today's throw away attitude in which a broken object becomes immediately worthless and is discarded. The delicate porcelain, modelled on antique ceramics, is disrupted by the fractured design, the objects having been made, broken and then put back together again. The stories which evolve across Kate's work combine myths and legends with modern ideas and humour with the inclusion of details such as mobile phones, computers etc. while a romance unfolds between the modelled figures across the different pieces.""

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