the Pooh

Here is the Pooh otherwise known as Julia otherwise known as my daughter otherwise known as THE MOST FABULOUS KID IN THE WORLD (really, get in line if you have a #2). Anyways THIS is ONE of the fabulous things she does:

blue silks
She loves doing this stuff. She does not love college. (BUT SHE IS ALMOST DONE!!).  Anyways, she is going on a big trip this summer (more on that later) and I am helping her design 2 sets of business cards, one for aerial and one for her jewelry.  This site, , allows you to put any number of different photos on your cards without any additional charge. So I have been changing up these black and white photos for the back of cards and you pick different colors for the front of each:

turquoise silks
I do not have photoshop or anything fancy but I can crop and retouch and change colors etc etc.:

orange silks
and I can do this kind of stuff:

weird black and white
and this:

kind of sepia (I have to take out that blurry line across the top)
I love doing this project. It makes my heart explode and brings tears to my eyes. I was not a very good mom when she was young. I was single and kind of wild and I had/have lots of "loss" baggage which got/gets in the way. I couldn't wait for her to go away to college. Now I cannot see her enough, do enough, be enough for her, as if I am making up for all that lost love I could have had. But I have to tread lightly b/c it is not her job, and never was her job, to fill me up. 
So my friends:
1.) what do you think of the cards?
2.) got any other ideas what to do with these photos?
3.) I also use Picasa so that is available
4.) do you have a a business card site that you have used and like that isn't a fortune
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, Cat, I'm impressed with your daughter, your business card ideas, and your personal growth. I'm glad to be your sister and her aunt.

  2. Wow, your daughter is talented and gorgeous Cat! And I'm not just saying that, this comes from a girl who is probably the least flexible person in the world, lol! Thank you so much for your visits and your email, sorry it took me a couple of days to response. My nose is burried in the books as I need to have a draft of my thesis ready for Monday {scary!}.

    This post is also uplifting to me beacuse I love that you are acknowledging the difficulties you've had, and your love for your daughter just shines through!

    I LOVE the inspiration you sent me, now I am lusting over it too!!! Thanks for being such a great bloggy friend as always.
    Nancy xo

  3. thanks Nancy, this means alot to me

  4. Wow cat, your daughter is incredible! My bff does silks too and she is professional. She makes her entire living off of it and it currently in indianapolis performing at super bowl parties. Perhaps we should connect the two. I love the pictures and think the cropping and color filters look very artistic which is perfect. Keep us updated on what she does!