Get Your Room Plan in 3D and 360 Panorama

I have had some fun this weekend messing around with a  FREE "room planner" program at which is made by the same folks that make the well-known program "AutoCAD". I built this living room plan based on dimensions, window and door placement that I already had. Anyone that has a fancy software program will no doubt find this post boring.

The picture above is a high resolution snapshot from the Homestyler. You can move the camera anywhere in the room and snap a photo. The photo is ready anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour depending upon how busy the site is. Now, below is the high resolution room photo from Mydeco is a free 3D design site I had been using:

Huge difference in perspective and quality.  And below is a "camera view" shot from a mydeco room:

 High distortion above as opposed to this from Homestyler:

I do not have photoshop (WISH!!!) thus I use the free programs on the net. I prefer one that has 3D/camera view options. I do not have the patience to figure out Google's free "Sketch" program although many praise it.  This is the Homestyler 2D floor plan. There are a million free 2D programs.

On Homestyler you can switch to a 3D view at any time while you are working and it is wonderful. You can move around the room and all your furniture is there and the proportion is correct.  On mydeco the 3D views have many missing elements and distorted. In both programs you must use their items and elements.  Mydeco is loaded with stuff. This is where Homestyler really falls short. They have so little in furniture and accessories and only in basic sizes:

I chose the most generic pieces I could find and the ones offered in white. You can paint walls, change up tho flooring and they did have one wallpaper out of three that I liked. The furniture and accessories were not my choice in reality but you get a very good idea of your space:

And the absolute best option at Homestyler is a 360 panorama of your room! That takes a few hours to get.  So if you do not have some fancy design software, I highly recommend Homestyler. At the very least it is alot of fun.
Do you use a program and if so which one? Let me know.


  1. I have used google sketchup a fair amount. It was hard for me since I don't know much abut 3D modeling. I used it for set design for work though so I imagine its a bit different. I didn't need to add in furniture or anything like that. The room only had two walls too so I think that made it easier. I still find it hard to use just because I don't use it often enough to become proficient at it. I do want something to do a mock up of our kitchen in prep for renovations though so its good to know about other programs out there!

  2. yes, this program would be perfect for your kitchen

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