Need assistance with fabric and WOW...

Living room with storage on right which looks like Ikea. Note sliding door behind FULL size sofa
I first noticed this fantastic 400 square foot apartment here on DigsDigs. (And Erin over at House of Turquoise subsequently featured it) As a home owner for some 25 years, I envy the person that lives here. Houses cost a shitload of money, not just to buy, but to keep up and the property taxes and insurance are killers. I know at some point I will have to sell my home and downsize. And the amount of stuff you collect over a life time is ridiculous. Moving into 400 sq feet could easily be too small but the design of this place could push me over the edge:
Sliding door open and LOOK, a bedroom!
Gorgeous colors right? Yum. See that fabric over there on the arm chair. I believe it is depicting  middle eastern woman carrying jugs on their heads. Here is a closer view:

Purple and teal
This fabric must have been the inspiration for the color palette of the apartment. And I am trying to find it!

A bit more of the fabric on the right
Does anyone know what this is? Who manufactured it? A name or number? I have looked around on the usual sites (O&L, PF, DG, Scal, Schu, Jof, Sand, etc) and found nothing. I would really appreciate your help! It is PERFECT for my client's living room. 
Thanks so much!


  1. It's called 'Sari Jade' and it's from Manoel Canovas. It's beautifull. If you want it and can't find it here and I can probably send it to you. I don't have it right now but I order a lot of Canovas for my work and can do it for you. I would say you can find it there... That is a gorgeous room too. Best to you. Ana from Home-styling

  2. Whoa! Well there you go. I was going to give you some ideas on where to look and post it to a couple of places that could ID but your work is done! It's gorgeous alright. And as for living in 400 square feet, this post proves not only is it doable but doable in style! So cozy it's like living in a real jewel box!

  3. Ana: You are the best and responding so fast when I know how BUSY you are! Thanks so much! I want to get a sample, pricing etc and will give the showroom here a call. I cannot believe I did not think of MC....
    PS: ellen, thank you also for being back up!

  4. this color scheme is SO YOU!!!! Are you taking the fabric home and where to? I love it!

  5. Hahaha, Thanks my dear. I will tell you what this has inspired me to do is look at studios for sale in NY CITY! How about that!
    PS: Fabric for Chicago client

  6. Hi Cat! Glad that you found the answer to this fabric source :)

    Thank you so so much for your kind comment on my walls today, your support is incredible!!
    Nancy xo