For Today: pink and white

It has been so long since I have posted. Blog posts are so fleeting and I cannot keep up with being a one shot wonder every day. In fact, I am not a one shot wonder. Many of my posts are long and so time consuming. If not that, I think posts are only worthwhile if they are a terrific DIY, inspiration no one else has thought of, pictures/ideas no one else has posted. The blog competition can really get to me. All of this is a manifestation of how I continue to belittle myself, put myself down, and decide I am not worthy by my first cup of coffee.  So starting right now I am going to say screw it to all that crap in "red" above.  The truth is I like to post b/c I like to share and connect about vision, purpose, color, art, design, composition, ideas, DIY, color, friendship and anything else. Goodbye to witty, cute, pretty, glamorous, brilliant, funny, first, and hip. If it happens it does and if it doesn't so what. I will feel better by the time noon hits instead of worse.
This is going to be a place I do not worry about.
Soooo for today I came upon this room at I love international blogs b/c there is a different tone and take and vision. I like the lovely Portuguese LISETE REIS who is a TV reporter and interior design lover.  Don't ask me why, I do not know her. I just do.  This room I picked up from her blog. I do not know who the designer is:
UPDATE: Ana Antunes, the fabulous designer of, informed me in her comment below, this is the work of EMILY RUDDO of Go to her site, GORGEOUS:     

These are my thoughts on this room:
1.) perfect amount of pink so the room is not too feminine
2.) Division between living and dinning
3.) pink is done in right proportions and in, I bet, three areas of the room. 
4.) the large wingback pink patterned chair balances out the pick dinning chairs
5.) I think I would take something up to the ceiling to bring in the lower half of the room, maybe just a bit of black or brown (as in the floor) paint on the thinnest parts of the coffered ceiling moldings which would mimic the black trim on the sofa. (on second thought have to be careful the ceiling does not get too busy)
6.) The pops of blue are OK but I do not necessary
7.) mirrors bring in more light and space. 
8.) the dark wood table grounds that side of the room and provides a masculine element. 
so what do you think, any ideas you want to share? what do you like about the space, not like, design concepts, thoughts?


  1. Hi Cat! That Beauty is from Emily Ruddo a US east coast designer and her website is She is awsome I've had her portfolio pictures in my favorites for quite sometime. Go there cause it's worth it! Take care.

  2. Hi Cat,

    I, too, like the rooms. While white is their basis, at least they used pops of color to give them character and life. And that pink is refreshing. I really tire of all white rooms quickly. I'll have to go check out Emily's website- thanks Ana!

  3. First off, thank you for expressing what I have been feeling lately. I am so with you. I really love the layout of the furniture but I think it might be hard to actually relax on a sofa or chair and watch the tv where its currently placed. Maybe they have a different room for that but this could not be the layout of my main living space. I love the furniture and colors but I agree there should be a touch of dark colors in a few more spots. But I would perfectly happy if this were a room in my home, it's lovely!

  4. ana, annie and Brandi: THANKS for stopping by and your comments. Ana< her site and work is wonderful and Emily has a BLOG too. Annie, I agree, i tire of the white rooms. and Brandi, I am so HAPPY to hear you understand! I agree on the TV and it looks like it is on one of those pull out swivle bracket things. Plus, I bet anything this pic was taken with a wide angle lens.....

  5. I love this room! I would be concrned that if a bit of dark were added to the ceiling, it would become heavy/low-hanging. This is from your sister.

  6. hahaha, thank you my anaymous sister and I love your comment, please come back!
    from, your sister

  7. Welcome back...blogging is a bit like high school where everyone else is prettier, smarter, more popular etc. Be true to yourself, post interesting and relevant content within your niche and you will be fine.