LUV Today / Use of Trim

Nuevo Estillo Girls Room

TRIM PART: Jenny over at  Little Green Notebook  posted this lovely room designed by Nuevo Estillo. She pointed out the trim used along the wall edges. (although something this wide I would just paint). I adore using grosgrain ribbon for finishing off all kinds of things including using it on walls, furniture, lamp shades, frames and my cereal bowl (not really).  It makes the edge of anything look very clean. You use it where you only dust, not wash. If you want to do this buy your trim in BULK (many places on internet) because those small rolls add up fast for a big project! I highly recommend using "sealah" double sided tape (google it, not in stores!) for applying trim to walls where you want a seamless, perfect application all the way to the edges. Sealah comes in many different widths to fit standard trim sizes. Glue can be lumpy, show thru and difficult to get a sealed edge without a mess of cleanup along the way.  I use high tack, fast drying, fabric adhesive on small projects.

LUV PART : Come on! Those colors are to die for. And the design. What works: one wall of color with the same color repeated on pillows and the bed skirt. It connects the color on the tall wall out into the room at floor level. The curtain color the same as and following the vertical line of the wall trim. Pink introduced as the third accent color. And thank god there is the left wall is left for ones "stuff", in this case a bunch of awards. Every room needs a place for our "stuff".  It can be organized but geez , we are human and don't live in a magazine.

Update : The lovely Maryam of My Marrakesh asked about bulk trim which I should have posted. If you are doing walls and curtains etc you want bulk ribbon. Check out   Strano Designs  and they ship worldwide, Ribbons and Trims    if you need 100 yards. And the Ribbon Lady. For the Sealah tape go HERE


  1. ooh, I love grosgrain! Is there a particular place that you recommend buying in bulk?

  2. Maryam, thank you for stopping by! I updated the post just for you.

  3. thanks for the tip of buying grosgrain ribbon in bulk - I was looking for that. And they ship overseas, too. I'm in heaven. I've got a whole room of curtains and valances that are waiting for their borders.