Get your Redo On! Start at the Start...

Lets start at the start. That place you enter and leave from everyday. It is an entry/exit area of some sort, probably a smallish space and thus not a big tackling job. Come on and just do it*.  Wake up baby and GO WILD. This is the perfect place. No one hangs out in here and declare every bit of it YOURS.  Lets say you want to change this:

(the entry to my client's apartment BEFORE)
A nice size entry but a bit crowded. And how about doing something FUN and ELECTRIC like THIS:
mark chamberlain genius who also writes on color at AT
Lets get your cha-cha going when you leave home and get happy when you come back. I DARE Ya! OK, so here we about trying THIS:

(AFTER: view entering, fab turquoise picture covering that fuse box now)
Yup, clear it out, tape up a zigzag pattern and paint it! Damn, that was not so hard was it? And just go right over the top of the doorways:

And maybe paint one wall a solid color:
(red geraniums go in the open window in summer, this red wall is also seen from the living room)
And don't forget..
(view leaving apartment)
When you leave grab your garb. When you come back hang up your coats, take off your boots and put away scarves, gloves, and hats right away in their new spots. Keep that cha cha going:
(everyone has wall space in their entry way so do this! two sets of wall hooks, shelf, boxes for hats, gloves etc all from Ikea)
So wasn't it fun seeing/feeling the transformation as you complete each step and look what you got!  My client loves it. You may want to try these designs. How about just a scattering of these across the wall:

(how can this not crack you up. From Stencil Library)
or daring and passionate you are!:

(Via Stencil Library)
Or will never lose your keys again:

(via Stencil Library)
 Yes, I know I already posted these stencils but I luv them! Now get going, just do it*, and does NOT have to be perfect. Tell me what you have done or are going to do. I love to hear.
(TIP: these walls were orange peel texture and even if they were not, I don't care how hard you press on the tape edges you will get seepage underneath. After taping, using a smallish brush, paint anything clear such as glaze or polyurethane) OR the base paint color, over the tape edges. Let dry, then paint your color)
 (*courtesy of the Nike trademark cause I do not want to get in trouble)


  1. Wooooouuuuuu!!! FANTASTIC !!! You are very creative! You can state that you have taken the trendy chevron to the next level with this design. Loved it! In love with the Tango Stencil (can't help it..haha)Thanks for you comment on my blog, i'm starting too and gosh, all things HTML drive me crazy. A huge huge hug! XoXo

  2. Dear Cat, Hi! Just wanted to make a suggestion: PLEASE WATERMARK YOUR PICTURES! Are you using windows live writer for the post? It has that option for every pic you attach. Also, you can protect your posts at Tha steps are pretty simple and you work gets authomatically registered.
    Couldn't find an email in your blog, so that's why I'm levaing this here, ate the comment section.
    Huge hug! Lovely changes by the way!