Stencil Heaven Redux

single damask  stencil
In case you have not noticed I am a HUGE fan of stenciling. It is easy, fun, inexpensive and gives you instant wall design that is so easy to change.  And as I am sure you know, stenciling ain't what it use to be. To that end you MUST visit  Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs  to see the inventive, inspirational and creative genius of Melanie Royals.

an "all over" stencil is a design repeated so you can cover more area at one time
Here you can purchase all kinds of stencil designs including "all over" patterns for large areas.  And Melanie has plenty of classes and even web classes which are so easy to take over the internet while in your 'jamas (SP?). 
look at that fabulous pink base color
And you have to visit Melanie's blog, Designamour, for inspiration, her ongoing projects and those of others. 

single ribbon stencil repeated where ever you like
You actually may know Melanie from her wonderful group trips to Peacock Pavilions in Morocco, home of the lovely blog My Marrakesh and author Maryam.  You get to stay here:

Peacock Pavilions
Melanie is planning her 4th group trip for the fall where adventurers learn stencil projects like this:

Moroccan stencil collection from Royal Design Studios
 Then beautify the Pavilions like this: 

Or like this:
wall stenciling at Peacock Pavilions done by group
You get to tour fabulous Marrakesh too.....I WANNA GO SO BAD..(details coming soon to Melanie's blog and sites) ........
OK, I got off track there, dreaming about Morocco. I really love the Moroccan stencils because they can easily be used in a modern interior but are also classic. I have quite a few. You can use them on one wall like this:

stencil in black and white design and swooning over those fabrics
Or like this:

So get stenciling will ya! I already dared you to do this and I don't know how you can resist. You can easily order on line from RDS and they ship WORLDWIDE (I adore my dear readers from other countries) And you don't have to stencil a wall. How about this.......

numerous stencils on cow from RDS and Modello
Or you can do something like this which is very fast and simple. An excellent way to practice:

from My Marrakesh
How beautiful are these stenciled paper place mats? So just do it and tell me all about it.


  1. inspirational and creative genius just about sums it up! amazing post, thanks for sharing!

  2. You've got me convinced. I ditched my wallpaper plans and switched to stencils and it will save me a bundle to boot - so thanks for that!

    And a trip to Morocco sounds heavenly - it's one of my top destinations, so I'm heading over to Melanie's blog to check that out.

  3. Anne: Good decision! I have a couple of SMALL wallpapered walls that only took one roll and shipping one rool from UK is 36 pounds! still less then buying thru designer here. Can't wait to see what you do Anne!

  4. i love all of these, cat, thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos! of course am also a huge fan of cynthia davis's wallovers (she is an amazing teacher, too) and helen morris's stencil library...i know you are too. i love that helen featured you on her blog!!