Stencil Heaven

Be Still My Heart! 
(vintage collection, those were the days)
You must go right now (or when you can sneak it in at work) to Stencil Library for a glorious visual creative feast and inspiration. The website is revamped and it is Fantastic. I have purchased many stencils from SL. The owners, Helen Morris and her family, are just the best. Even though located in the UK they ship worldwide at excellent flat rates. There are thousand of stencils in any style you can imagine. These are some new ones I so adore:
These stencil examples are repeated to look like wallpaper. I want this one on the wall behind my bed! 
Oo-la-la baby!

These would be so fun in an entry area, a hallway, a wall in a room, the bathroom, your office, ANYWHERE. Something unexpected where the usual is expected. I dare ya.
Go on, pick a stencil, any stencil. Be daring! You can stencil anything. If a wall is too much get some foam core board, stencil on it in some wild colors and hang it on your wall.
Pick some colors, any colors. You only need a tester jar of paint. Be daring and pick unexpected colors for the design. For instance the toile designs above and below would be a real surprise in an orange or chartreuse. 
(I do think she is drinking a martini, a girl after my own heart)
LOVE LOVE... in a dining room above a chair rail in dramatic colors.
Come on, crack me up. Who doesn't love a pig with wings!
Can I tell you how easy it is to stencil? Buy a stencil, spray the back with spray adhesive, put it on the wall, press down (do NOT worry, it will easily come off), secure with blue painters tape, load a dense foam roller with your paint (I use a plastic plate as the "paint tray"), roll off excess paint on a paper towel. Roll over stencil. Do not press real hard. Pull off stencil and view your fabulous work. Press down the stencil wherever you want it next. Ditto to rest. So please visit the stencil library ASAP. And visit the SL blog HERE where Helen teaches everything. Just do it and tell me what you did. I can't wait!


  1. I am a long time fan and customer of Helen and the Stencil Library! As a matter of fact, that is how I found this blog. :-) Their new, revamped website is fantastic. As soon as I saw those ostriches on their blog, I knew they were destined for my front entry hall. How fun! This will be my Spring project. I look forward to reading your posts. Welcome to the land of blogging!

  2. Love, love j'adore! fabulous stencil ideas and inspiration (and so much cheaper than wallpaper).

  3. I am crazy about the dancers in red and black and went immediately to the Stencil Library but could not find that stencil. Can you guide me further.

  4. Tricia: I should have put in a link for all the stencils. They can be difficult to find and you can always email Helen and ask. They will get back to you right away. The dancers are in the "vintage" collection" under "those were the days" and here is the link:
    you will see the dancers in bottom right hand corner. Please let me know if that works. I will also put the link under the picture on the post.