Not glamourous but how to get there: TIP

folding adjustable sawhorse thingies, no tools needed
As the title of this post implies (no, states) there is absolutely NOTHING of glamour, cuteness or beauty in this post. This is merely a "TIP". This is not a blog of detailed DIY. There are tons of those. But I got my my "TIPS".  I have a bad back. Don't ask. So I try to do as many tasks as possible without bending over (what a joke that is) including my projects. I like things to be simple, easy and fast.  And I hate clean-up. Remember this: You do not have to get your "redo" done all at once. I never do. 

smallish piece of plywood on top of thingies
Last weekend it stopped raining for about two minutes. I really wanted to get something done so I whipped out my two LIGHTWEIGHT adjustable sawhorse thingies I got at HD and set them up outside (3 minutes). Then I threw a fairly small piece of plywood on top (1.5 minutes cause I had to get it out of the garage)

note spray can lids at corners
Next I grabbed 4 lids from my spray paint collection and plopped the door (a piece of a project) on top. It is easy to paint/spray if the piece is raised a bit. (1.5 minutes cause the cans were right there)
note detachable spray handle
Then I primed the door with the best primer ever: Zinnsar cover stain b/c it covers well, does not scratch off AND you can use WATER based top coats. (2.5 minutes which includes shaking can for one minute). Then I sprayed a second door (1.5 minutes)

Then I took both doors inside to dry. The backs had NOT been painted yet so I plopped one right down on top of my books on the table (15 minutes including dry time since I made coffee). I repeated the spray painting on the backs and dried again. Darn, it started to rain and so I folded up the sawhorse thingies (45 seconds)

adjustable sawhorse thingy folded up. (These hold alot of weight, like 200 pounds. You can use them for the base of a table, a bar, anything!
I luv those small sample paints from HD. They are a full EIGHT oz of paint for like nothing
An hour later (geez I had to eat and watch some march madness) I threw an old towel over this credenza type thing (part of the project), set up the lids, laid the door on top and gave it a coat of paint (6 minutes). Now I could have set up the sawhorse thingies inside but why go to the trouble when the credenza was right there.
you can use tape or a paperclip to close the baggie
The paint had to dry/cure for at least 30 minutes so (and here is the best part)..I wrapped the brush in a baggie and secured it with a binder clip (NO CLEANING). Then I got busy watching more March Madness and that was the end of the project for the day. That brush did not dry out one bit a whole day later. I then threw it in the frig because I may not get back to this project for a few days (UGH real work). The paint on that brush will still be wet five days later! The cleanup was 1.5 minutes. That's it. Uncomplicated, simple and you get a bit done until the next time you can get to it. 
Keep it simple. Eventually you will have a glamorous, cute and beautiful COMPLETED project.


  1. Oh no I never get projects done in one day, ever! I once decided my weekend project would be painting stripes in the hallway and repainting little frames I had bought. Yeah, that turned into a two weekender plus a few weeknights after work lol! Great tip on the baggie, never thought of that!

  2. Who are these people that get projects done in a weekend? Who are those people on TV shows? Oh right, they have a crew of 20 you never see. Stipes take forever with the taping! Good for you for completeing as fast as you did!

  3. completely awesome and I loved "The Help."

  4. oh, how did you get the glass out of the doors?

  5. Don't you just love the Baggie trick? When I had painters in a few weeks ago they carried those jumbo rolls of cling wrap from Costco and wrapped EVERYTHING they used in it and cleaned up ONCE when they finished on day three. Brilliant! I use the large baggies for paint rollers too.

  6. E: brilliant w/ the plastic wrap. I put the entire roller tray with roller in it and handle sticking out in a plastic bag from the store. Press down into the wet paint on the area where you roll the roller for a seal and throw the hole thing into the frig!
    Kate: the glass was held on little flip things screwed into the wood freee that you can slide over the glass