Yawn to Sunshine!

Can we say "boring", $38 bucks from overstock,.....yawn
Hello Sunshine
I know I know I know, it is all cuteness. But this smallish black task chair was screaming for cuteness. It holds 200 lbs, has adjustable height, rolls anywhere and the seat spins which is really fun when you get bored at work.  When your cheapo boring chair arrives from Overstock do not put it together. Take a flat head screw driver and wiggle it under the plastic lip around the seat and back and pop out those fabric covered pieces (I tossed the top plastic piece). Also, I am pretty sure you have to take out some screws in the seat to remove the plastic bottom. This will all become obvious as you work.

I roll and spin!
Wipe down all the plastic pieces with soap and water and rinse. Spray prime everything (not the fabric covered seat and back (duh)) with a high adhesion primer like Zinnsar Cover Stain. (I think this will work better then the "plastic" spray paint which I really did not care for).  Spray paint in your color (I used cream)

Back of chair back, two holes cut in fabric for screw holes
Get some fabric, cut two pieces at least two inches wider then seat and back, wrap over edges and staple starting at the center of each side and working your way out. Trim off excess. Since I tossed the back plastic piece cause I hated it and it made me mad, I cut an oval piece of fabric to cover the staples and remaining back area. I stapled that on and glued trim over the stapled edge. Holes were cut for the screw holes.

Damn, my back it so much cuter without the plastic
Now put the chair together which is really easy. Here you can see the plastic edge/lip around the seat. Do not worry about getting the lip up over the seat edge. Just screw the seat on. It will look fine. 
Yup, I am a bunch of cuteness 
I keep thinking how fabulous 4 of these would look around a round diner/breakfast table! Go do this. It is cheap, easy and you will feel better about your life. Guarantee
PS: Opening Day is in ONE WEEK!
PPS: Thanks to the fab Shelly at modhomeec for guidance in getting off the plastic backs on the seat and back. Go to her site for all things upholstery!


  1. Okay, look. I have enough on my plate without you giving me all kinds of new projects to get my hands dirty(ier). And to think I was planning to slipcover my truly ugly office chairs in the studio and gave up on it for lack of inspiration. Of course Shelly helped you. I'd know that plastic removal technique anywhere! Brava, girls! It's truly gorgeous!

  2. Hahhaa Ellen, everything you do is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful!! Another awesome project that turned out like a million bucks, way to go Cat!! Another project to add to my list :)
    Nancy xo

  4. my usual post:

  5. You get the sunshine award. I want a perky chair too. Love it.

  6. I love this! So fun. Intimidating. And fun.

    Dare I try this?

  7. Ann: intimidating? for you!!??? woman of the fabulous decorative finishes?? A piece of cake in comparison!