Got any left over fabric?

Can I just say one word: BORING
So how about some red. And how about some houndstooth. I am CRAZY for houndstooth:

houndstooth fabric put on with mod podge, red and brown trim is iron on hem tape, ironed on and glued
And how about something different on the drawers:

red burlap, iron on brown hem tape and white piping

mod podge all fabric and glue on fabric trim on all pieces BEFORE you put furniture together
Gotta have some wood trim. I love using wood trim. You can change all kinds of things in an instance to look more substantial and finished and interesting:

baseboard glued onto sides at bottom
And what do you get? NOT BORING:

And why not an elephant on top! I love adding something unexpected:

a larger wood top was screwed into the original dresser top, painted and decorative wood trim glued onto the edges

How to do it:
1.) sand and prime furniture pieces (yes, the dresser is Ikea), paint certain sections if you like
2.) cut fabric to size and apply with mod podge
3.) cut iron on hem tape to size, tack on with iron then glue down edge or skip iron and just glue
4.) have particle board cut to size for larger top and screw onto dresser top from underneath
5.) put piece together (ugh)
6.) cut baseboard and top trim with hand saw mitre box after measuring 10 times. If you do not have a hand saw mitre box you are lame. They are cheap and easy to use so get one.
7.) stencil or paint something fun and unexpected somewhere


  1. This turned out fantastic. Very creative. Congrats.

  2. Wow!! Lovely work Cat! I love all the little details, that elephant is fantastic. LOVE!!
    Nancy xo

  3. very cute!!!

    uhhhh you're ALSO into houndstooth!?!?! THis is just to much, these similarities.

    You should seem y closet. It's like Gwen Stefani exploded in it. THAT is a lot of houndstooth.

  4. Thank you everyone. I do like to get into the details Nancy. It makes such a difference. And Court, here we go again! I hope you have pics of that closet on your web site!! I am gonna look....

  5. Gah! What kind of drugs do you take to be able to come up with this stuff? I LOVE it! Is that an Ikea chest of drawers? You probably said but I was too busy reading the pictures. Wonderful execution, my friend. You've raised the bar yet again.

  6. Awesome! I love all the trim and the little elephant on top. Everyone is getting so creative with their Ikea hacks!

  7. OK, need your own show on HGTV! Seriously that is amazing!!!

  8. I hope you sell this in Tuscaloosa(loser?), Alabama because it screams bama/roll tide.

    Overall very creative but I can't really like it since I'm an auburn fan ;-)

  9. Cat this is AWESOME!!! Wou! I love it!!! Congrats girl, what a fabulous DIY!!! XoXo

  10. Thank you Ladies.
    Mara: you are always so excited
    EKM: crack me up!!

  11. Bravo j'aime la créativité et le travail manuel.