When I saw this I wanted to rush right into a bedroom and try to paint it on a wall.  Will you look at those lush colors!

 It simply makes my heart quicken.  Look closely at how many colors there are. And how saturated they are. OMG, was all I could say. And there was something modern about the colors.

And guess what? These are WALLPAPERS. Show me another wallpaper with this many colors that is not a digital print. (ok ok, some Designer Guild papers...)

I blew up the one above so you would have a closer look at the multitude of colors. I found these fabulous papers via Home-Styling, the wonderful blog of the very talented Portuguese designer Ana Antunes who even has her own home makeover show in Portugal. I SO LUV international designers. There is a whole world out there!...

This is the work of Sophia Portocarrero , a Portuguese wallpaper & fabric designer who creates & designs exclusives patterns......

Form her site: "Permanently aware to the international trends we conceive new patterns using unexpected colour combinations, in naturalistic themes from classicist inspiration applying new size scales. Our translation from traditional motives develops into modern patterns with a strong timelessness character. Illustrations of graphical floral contents are inspired from the 30’s and 50’s".

My very first thought when I saw these papers was how marvelous they would look in a modern interior.  NOT an entire room but one wall, hanging like the piece of art they are. 


  1. OMG! I'm so overwelmed by your lovely mention! Funny thing... I just had a meeting with this wallpaper designer, Shopia Portocarrero, last week because she designed some samples with a pattern specially for me. She made samples of 4 different collors and I loved them! She is so nice and tallented. I'm going to let her know about your post because she is not a blogger.

  2. Thank You Ana! I almost mentioned to you I did this post but thought not to b/c didn't want to force you to are so lucky to have such a business where you can use her. I would love to buy some of her paper and please show us the patterns you got on your blog..