Welcome back my loves....

Mrs. Gertrude Jekyll
They are starting to bust out. My gorgeous roses. Every year they come back at the same time, right after the lilacs are done and by the first week of May they are in full force. I have about 25 rose bushes. My Father grew roses. I do absolutely nothing to help them grow.  

Gertrude is the Pooh's rose and was planted right outside her bedroom window when she was a toddler. I wanted her to grow to love roses. Gertrude is heavily scented, and smells exactly like old fashioned rose soap and rose oil. 
I love pink and yellow together
The gorgeous golden rose is Mr. Graham Thomas. Graham is right outside my front door which is entirely glass. Graham is just starting to bust and there must be 300 buds, easily. Graham is the most beautiful yellow I have ever seen. Graham has a light crisp smell with just a hint of spice.

Graham and Gertrude are David Austin roses, both old English roses
I talk to Graham every morning. I open the front door and step into a cloud of his fragrance. I put my face into his flowers and whisper words of affection. I want him to know how much I adore him.

Can you smell them?
If you don't have any roses, plant one. And many work well in pots! Old English roses are the easiest to grow.
All pictures taken by moi. NO manipulation whatsoever, no photoshop, no nothin'. Just the real thing


  1. Gosh they are out so early...mine won't be out for weeks and weeks, mind you I am a lot further North I suppose :) sadly I have a lot fewer than you. Yours are fabulous

  2. Thank you Cait for stopping by!I am getting crazed for yellow but I can NEVER find a good yellow paint!
    You must have beautiful roses in your climate!

  3. Gertrude Jekylls have been my fave for a long time!!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!!!! They don't even look real!

  5. I'm envious of your rose growing abilities. I have a white rose bush and it blooms only occasionally even though I prune and primp. Oh well!

  6. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. Just beautiful!
    Scent to me is so important!