OMG, we finally had a wonderful weekend of weather! It is usually gorgeous here by May 1st and no more rain until mid Oct. But this year sucked BIG time. I have a big patio just outside my living room glass doors. It gets all gussied up in the spring for outdoor living until fall with flower pots, patio furniture etc. I really got a big start last weekend. First I "grey- washed" the patio section of the fence....... 

Orangey redwood on left and grey-wash on right. I am going to keep going and grey wash the rest of the fence behind the hydrangea garden. Pink and green against grey any day!
The knotty rough orangey/yellowy redwood was not turning grey fast enough for me.  I didn't want to make a big deal about it so I used some leftover white paint and mixed in every small sample of grey and black paint I could find (as you can imagine I never buy black and dark grey paint) and then added water.........
Yup, I added on that white trim last year. The hanging "brackets" are supports for closet rods, very cheap at HD. That white hanging pot was brown plastic sprayed white
I hosed down the fence (no brushing it clean etc, this was not going to be a big deal project) and while it was still wet I  slopped on the grey with a big fat roller.  It was SO EASY and fast....
Pale pink foxgloves against grey=heart
I also finished putting a grey wash on my new potting bench I found on Amazon. I have always wanted one and and I love it! It is so nice to have everything in one place and NOT bend over to plant. An added feature: it serves as a work bench also and I have ordered a stool.....
I used up all the dirt and flowers I had. Ready for the next batch
white "lace" pots from Ikea, prefect for small tools
I am really into using cans as planters right now such as my coffee cans and others. Easy to punch holes in the bottom for drainage and in the sides to hang (use an awl and hammer).......
I used some old wire to hang the cans from old drawer pulls which I attached to side of the bench
OH, and I finally used my tile/ceramic drill bits to drill holes in the side of this baby clay pot so I could hang it. Now I am going to try this on bigger pots.  I am just not into buying MORE stuff. I want to use what I have...
I use fishing line all the time to hang things. It is very strong, inexpensive and "disappears".
So there you have it. More later after all the furniture is out. I love sitting out on the patio in early evening. There are no bugs here you know....

How was your weekend? Get any projects done????
PS: Thanks for checking back. Been really busy with work. UGH.
PPS: I don't even follow the NBA but I am so glad the Heat LOST


  1. Love that potting bench! Never thought about ordering thru Amazon before but I'm off to check it out. I had one for a few years but the Michigan winters took their toll. Such a cozy spot! And no bugs? Ever?

  2. Hi Ellen: I always check Amazon b/c I have Amazon prime which is two day free shipping. I also searched high and low for an inexpensive bench that had decent reviews. We have none of those irritating night time bugs here except a few mosquitos may come out when it is almost dark but really nothing compared to where you are.

  3. First off, go Mavs! secondly, I'm completely jealous of your potting bench. It's so cute and totally practical. Good find! Enjoy your time outside, it's so hot in Dallas already!

  4. Niece Kate & The BooSaturday, June 18, 2011

    Watch out for the foxgloves, Jemima Puddleduck!!