Friday Love....

I think it was the gorgeous green which first struck me. Then a multitude of stunning colors which all work so well with the green. The fabulous Helen Morris of Stencil Library fame did this on her studio wall in about 10 hours. (would have taken me a month).  First you get some stencils from Helen and tape then on your painted wall.....

as you can see these stencils have already been used a number of times

It appears as though maybe Helen blocks off certain ares of the stencil on the back as she goes along
Beautiful diamonds, Helen!
To see Helen's post on this stencil project go here to her blog.
And go here to see and purchase stencils

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  1. Hi Cat, You do love a green wall! I thought the ones that you showed a few posts ago were lovely.
    I had started to stencil all the lower part of the panels colour by colour then one of the stencils fell off before I got all the colours on. As I stencilled each panel I started with the lightest colours (the white and beige) then worked toward the darkest.