Flipping Out

Hand painted tinted gesso/tempera wallpaper by Wouter Dolk,
OMG, as you may know by now that my absolutely favorite decor element are walls. They are a big blank canvas that can be redone over and over if you like. And I go nutso over BIG images on walls.  This morning I was gasping at this post over at Plum Siena.  Annie, a very talented artist who also owns Great Lakes Decorative Art Studio, has a lovely column on Wouter Dolk..

Wouter's studio, note the mock up for the room above
Wouter working, putting on layer after layer
I cannot even imagine how long it takes up to do enough paper for an entire room.......

Modern grisaille
Wouter's work is for very very high end clients. But thank god we still have true masters in this world of instant gratification. Please go to Plum Siena for more information and photos. I just cannot stop looking at the grisaille one...
PS: I am sure another blogger posted about Dolk and/or he was featured in a magazine. Forgive me, no way I can keep track of everything.I am just happy as pie that I know about this artist!


  1. Hi Cat! Wou, this artist is amazing! (He looks like Tome Yorke to me, haha) I'm obssesed with walls lately and particularly with exposed brick walls. Wonder how they will look with a section of this beauty. Have an excellent week! XoXo :)

  2. well. looks like I'll have to donate a few internal organs for this one....TOTALLY worth it ;)

    I smell a (brave) DIY>>>>>

  3. Hey Sweetie, I know, Brave indeed. If only I had the talent I would do it in a second!

  4. The tulip wall even looks great, even in the colourless mock up

  5. Soooo pretty! I can't imagine the labor that must go into this. I'm sure it's for high end clients indeed! I can see why you love it so much!

  6. Such incredible work -- love the fantastical! Thank you for posting this.