Neon Message....

I was searching the internet for neon signs to create, in part,  a "wow" factor in an entryway,  particularly a word or set of words that speaks to the owner and thus their home.  In addition it represents a message we want to remind ourselves of as we leave and come home each day.  It could be one word in a bright color, a line from a song or poem, something completely funny,  just a symbol that is a reminder only to you, the possibilities are endless. ANYWAYS, during my search I saw this:


I think this is totally cool (NOT FOR A HOME, although who knows...certainly is a good question). I assume it is by a highway and whoever put it in their cornfield is a genius. Someone spent alot of money on this baby. Of course this brings to mind all kinds of philosophical questions. It makes one think. Here are the main things it made me think:
1.) I hate people that complain when they have so much.
2.) What did everyone think was gonna happen when the economy collapsed in 2008? For god's sake, we came a hair's breath away from a major depression and everyone expects the economy (that "false" economy) to come roaring back in a couple years. THAT is  NUTSO. It is going to get worse and take years so stop complaining. We are all VERY lucky not to be homeless.
3.) In addition, it feeds right into my shame identity ie: if I am not "doing" something then I am worthless.
So if this message is so powerful,  think about how much power a simple neon message can be in an entryway. My personal favorite would be "love, peace and rock and roll".  It would be in script, lower case and in pink.  You can have anything made, neon sign places are all over the internet. And for a great piece of original art, it is not that expensive. What would your "message" be?


  1. "let go or be dragged."

    always a fav.

  2. Ohhhh so many! I guess I would be happiest with "It ain't over till it's over." Gotta love Yogi!

    I agree about the economy BS. Every time I run across a business that still doesn't get it and thank me profusely for my purchase I want to smack them on the head with a newspaper. And then I don't go back.


  3. oh I LOVE "Let go or be dragged"!!! Have never heard that before, but will be using that from now on!!

    I think I would put "be in this moment" in a very cool blue/turquoise.

  4. I have not heard of that either. I love that. I love "be in this moment". I think I should design these and sell them. Well of course anyone can design their own...I WANT ONE!

  5. My husband would like WTF in what he terms "mood neon" that changes colour depending on the type of WTF. He would like red for when it is an angry WTF and baby blue for when it is a "whatever" WTF, purple for a confused WTF, yellow for a happy surprise WTF and then it should just fuse when his mother turns up.

    I think I would like some scots phrase ...probably "Ye may gang faur an fare waur" which means "you could go far enough and fare worse" and it is in the Doric dialect which is common to where we grew up. The phrase was written on the side of the local transport cafe and it just reminds me of coming home, of my roots...and it reminds me not to complain

  6. LOLOLOL, to your husband! I love it! And yours of course, nothing like being reminded of home ...(as long as home was good). Thanks for stopping by Cait!