Yellow Inside for the Gmail Inbox

My entire life, including keeping my home, is pretty much in the hands of my Gmail inbox. I set up a Gmail address to apply for jobs, network with colleagues, contact head hunters and temp agencies and anything else that has to do with obtaining some income. I look at that inbox 50 times a day, at least. It is always empty except for the occasional note from a colleague or spam. It is very depressing. Sometimes I send an email to myself to make sure the darn thing is working.  So...... in the continuing effort to "color my insides" (see post below) this is now my "insides" before I look at that inbox:

What can possibly go wrong when you are filled with yellow? Or rather how can you possibly feel unwanted, un-hireable, too old, etc etc when your insides are yellow? Is there any color more hopeful then yellow? The stencil above is a close up from here:

That is the wall behind my bed. The bed itself is not finished or the linens or the special throw etc etc. But I ain't got time to get that all done before I have that yellow on my insides...
Screw you Gmail I come,  all yellowed up!
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  1. xoxoxo!!!!!!! screw gmail, you've got THAT lovely wall!

  2. Hi Cat, Glad to see you back! I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss. Hang in there. I do believe all things happen for a reason and you just have to know something much better,exciting,and rewarding is in store for you. I've seen it happen time and time again. Stay connected online and physically network in your area, and you will be amazed what will happen. Love, love, love this yellow and white wall, using Melanie's Moroccan stencil pattern. It's one of my yellow stair risers gone wild on a wall and it looks just fantastic! I may have to send this link to my client with those yellow stairs so she can see how it looks on a wall! She's got a LOT of white walls. ;-)

  3. idea how things are going now, a few months later. I popped in through pinterest, landing in the middle of your blog, so didn't see the lawyer bit until after I saw the lost the job bit. I assumed up to then you were a designer, and was surprised you weren't just going freelance, after the job loss...and still am. Hope it's all worked out fine. If not, I think your daughter looks like fabulous inspiration to leap into the colorful life you really want. My own experience is that the braver I have been in persuing a vibrant life, the more surprisingly better things have turned out (Starting with the fact that I still have my house, and I pay for it with my art skills). Holding you in my heartspace, wishing you a perfect, colorFULL Independence Day.