As most of you may know I am crazy for fabrics. I am constantly looking at fine fabric websites for their latest collections which not only inspires me but fills me with color. Been waiting for this one...the John Robshaw collection for Duralee is out. There are four books of various colors and a 5th book that is a collection from the four. Here are a few of my favorites:


Duralee is "to the trade" but there are many websites now that sell Duralee fabrics and others. One of my favorites is Decorators Best. They have a ton of fabrics with prices right on their site and you can order immediately instead of waiting for a quote etc etc.  They offer about a 25% discount from retail.
My bet is the JR cottons will run about 75.00 a yard or more....
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  1. Haha I'm laughing too hard with your comment!! I think you are better off with the 'billing' in the US thou!! Or I can find a way of hiring you from there! Love the fabrics too! Take care.

  2. Hi, I just happened upon your blog. Since you like that Ikat-like printed Duralee fabric, I wanted to alert you to our Ikat-styled floor tiles. They are our own design and just arrived last week to our warehouse on the Gulf Coast. Villa Lagoon Tiles Ikat tiles
    And, BTW, one of my best friends is a Duralee rep, so great that you like Duralee fabrics. Thanks, Lundy