Navy Blue

Been a REALLY LONG time. In fact I cannot believe I am posting but if I don't do something the least bit creative I will go crazy.  Not only do I work like a dog at my new job but it is also so intense. I am pretty much exhausted all the time and I ain't got any mojo left for anything. ANYWAYS I have a hankering to redo my entry hall which presently looks like this:

This is the way it use to look, now it has white wainscot and a white lacquered low cabinet

I want something different and am so loving navy blue:

Pablo Paniaqua
but I think it will be too dark so maybe a color closer to cobalt in a wash:

The above are all by Porter's Paints. I have their fan deck and alot of these colors are a bit off but you get the idea. I am leaning towards the one in the center. And I cannot leave it just a solid color. I am thinking of using one of these stencils in a grid pattern:

All stencils via the stencil-library
I want some humor in the entryway. The flying pigs are hilarious. I also need alot more love in my life and I adore the heart tattoo. Not sure what colors I would use for that. What do you think?



  1. Love the navy! I've been looking to paint a room something like this too. If you want humor then go with a combo thats unexpected maybe?

  2. Hi Brandi! what colors would you do? Good to hear from you..

  3. Ooooh Cat, stencil the pigs! Would love to see them flying in splendour and I know you'll make them look fab. If you decide to choose either of them send me a private email. Love the deep blue